About Us

Island County Democrats, the informal name of the Island County Democratic Central Committee, is the official organization of the Democratic Party on Whidbey and Camano Islands. We support the values of the Democratic National Committee. But as a local organization, our outreach focuses primarily on the issues we face daily:

• We believe in protecting our island environment, including its scenic beauty, water, air, parks, and other open spaces. We support Washington State’s Growth Management Act.

• We believe excellent public K – 12 education and strong support for higher education should be priorities for Washington State.

• We believe that our roads, ferries and low-cost transit are essential for attracting tourists, businesses and jobs to Island County.

• We believe funding is essential for public safety services, including police, the courts, fire, and emergency medical response.

• We support economic development to create local jobs, a diverse community, a sustainable economy, and a reliable tax base.

• We support a safety net of social and health services for the neediest among us.

• We believe in a strong national defense and that members of our armed forces and their families are to be honored and supported for their service to this nation.