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Boots on the ground are needed now to help all our local candidates’ campaigns. Check out their websites, volunteer and contribute:
Helen Price Johnson – Island County Commissioner, District 1 –http://helenpricejohnson.org/
John Fowkes- Candidate for Island County Commissioner, District 2-http://fowkes4folks.weebly.com/
Angie Homola – Candidate for State Senator, 10th LD –http://www.angieforpeople.com/
Doris Brevoort – Candidate for State Representative, 10th LD, Position 2 –http://dorisbrevoort.com/
Remember – Our lives are directly affected by electing excellent local candidates. We need Democrats in office!



Statewide Ballot Measures

I-1433: Raise Up Washington (Minimum Wage)        – Vote Yes

I-1464: Limit Big Money in Politics             – no recommendation

I-1491: Extreme risk protection (Guns)                         – Vote Yes

I-1501: Prevent Fraud and Protect Seniors                 – Vote Yes

I-732: Carbon Tax                                                                – Vote Yes

I-735: Get Big Money Out of Politics                              – Vote Yes

Tax Advisory Vote No. 14                                    – Vote Maintained

Tax Advisory Vote No. 15                                    – Vote Maintained

SJR #8210 for a better redistricting plan         – Vote Approved


President: Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine

U.S. Senate: Patty Murray

U.S. House of Representatives: Rick Larsen


Governor:  Jay Inslee

Lt. Governor:  Cyrus Habib

Secretary of State: Tina Podlodowski

State Treasurer: Duane Davidson

State Auditor: Pat (Patrice) McCarthy

Attorney General: Bob Ferguson

Commissioner of Public Lands: Hilary Franz

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Erin Jones

Chris Reykdal is also a good choice

Insurance Commissioner: Mike Kreidler

10th Legislative District & PUD

State Senator: Angie Homola

State Representative Pos 1: WRITE IN: Scott Chaplin

State Representative Pos 2: Doris Brevoort

Island County Commission #1: Helen Price Johnson

Island County Commission #2: John Fowkes

Public Utility Dist. No. 1, Comm. Dist. 3: Tanya (Toni) Olson


State Supreme Court Justice, Position #1: Mary Yu

State Supreme Court Justice, Position #5: Barbara Madsen

State Supreme Court Justice, Position #6: Charles Wiggins

Superior Court Judge Position 1: Alan R. Hancock – unopposed

Superior Court Judge Position 2: Vickie I. Churchill – unopposed


Other resources:


www.vote411.org  (League of Women Voters)

http://politiblongwind.blogspot.com/  (Marianne Edain’s Politiblog)