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Tom Riggs Issues Call for Action – Please Respond!

The results of recent polling by the Tom Riggs for State Representative campaign told us three things:

1.   The Race is a dead heat!
2.  When presented with information about the candidates, voters swing towards Tom Riggs.
3.  If we get the word out about the Tom Riggs campaign, we can win on November 6th.

Contacting voters is the key to this entire election and we need volunteers like you at the following events next week:

•  Sunday, 10/14: Doorbell the Stanwood/Camano Area:  2 p.m.-5 p.m.
•  Monday, 10/15: Phone Bank at the Stanwood Campaign office 4 p.m.-7 p.m.
Thursday, 10/18: Phone Bank at the Stanwood Campaign office 4 p.m.-7 p.m.
Friday, 10/19: Sign Wave outside the FINAL Stanwood HS Football game 4 p.m.-7 p.m.
• Saturday, 10/20: Doorbell the Stanwood/Camano Area 2 p.m.-5 p.m.

Island County is on the brink of sending a Democrat to the Washington House of Representatives for the first time in a decade, but in order to do that we need your help.  Please contact the Tom Riggs campaign ASAP to let them know when you can pitch in.

ICD Members Allocate Campaign Contributions

The August 23 ICD general meeting was a milestone, in that for the first time, all ICD members were invited to vote on how to allocate $8000 in ICD funds set aside for campaign contributions.  Each Democrat attending the meeting, in person or by teleconference, was given a ballot with names of the Democratic candidates for Island County and 10th Legislative District offices listed.  Each person was asked to allocate the $8000 based on a handful of criteria established by the ICD Executive Board.

The results of the allocations are as follows:
Angie Homola                           $2680.80
Helen Price Johnson                $1200.00
Tom Riggs                                  $1656.80
Aaron Simpson                          $1342.40
Mary Margaret Haugen           $1120.00

Our thanks to those of you who participated in the allocation process.  As they say, the checks are in the mail.

Unofficial Semi-Final Election Results

The certification of the August 7 primary election has not taken place yet, but  with over 98% of the ballots counted, here are the results so far:

Island County Commissioner, District 1:
Helen Price Johnson:                 6033           54.86%
Jeff Lauderdale                            2826           25.70%

Island County Commissioner, District 2:
Angie Homola                              1674            31.24%
Jill Johnson                                  1845            34.43%

State Representative, 10th L.D., Position 1:
Aaron Simpson                           15013          40.85%
Norma Smith                              21,743         59.15%

State Representative, 10th L.D., Position 2:
Tom Riggs                                   17423          48.64%
Dave Hayes                                 18396          51.36%

State Senator, 10th L.D.:
Mary Margaret Haugen            17783          46.99%
Barbara Bailey                            20065         53.01%

U.S. House of Representatives:
Rick Larsen                                 75341          57.62%
Dan Matthews                            37359         28.57%

Price Johnson Blowout and Homola in Strong Position

The ballots have not all been counted yet, but it appears that Helen Price Johnson blew away her competition in the Island County Commissioner, District 1  primary election.  Early returns – probably about 70% of the total ballots voted – give Price Johnson almost 56% of the vote, with Tea Party/Republican candidate Jeff Lauderdale coming in a distant second at just under 25%.

The race in Oak Harbor’s District 1 Commissioner battle is a lot closer.  Commissioner Angie Homola is holding her own with 32.7% of the vote to Jill Johnson’s 33.95.   Although Districts 1 and 2 have approximately equal populations, over twice as many votes were cast in the District 1 primary as in the District 2 primary.

In the 10th Legislative District, Democratic Senator Mary Margaret Haugen is closely trailing Tea Party/Republican candidate Barbara Bailey, Democrat Tom Riggs has edged out Tea Party/Republican Dave Hayes, and Democrat Aaron Simpson made a strong showing againstRepublican incumbent Norma Smith.

U.S. Congressman Rick Larsen easily made it into the general election, with almost 60% of the voter over Tea Party/Republican Dan Matthews.  For more information, go to local media articles and Washington’s official election results:

Price Johnson Dominates District 1 Race      South Whidbey Record
Price Johnson, Homola to Go On                   Everett Herald
10th L.D. Results                                                 Wash. Sec. of State
U.S. Senate and House                                     Wash. Sec. of State

Democrats Endorse Aaron Simpson and 5 State-wide Candidates

Aaron Simpson of Langley, candidate for State Representative from the 10th L.D., Position 1, against Republican Norma Smith, won the unanimous endorsement of Island County Democrats at the June 21 special meeting of ICD.  Simpson spoke to the crowd, and, in response to a question, nimbly gave five issues on which he would vote differently from Norma Smith – including more support for education, marriage equality, closing tax loopholes for businesses which aren’t creating jobs, and generally scaling regulations and taxes to the size of the business.

ICD also endorsed four state-wide incumbent candidates:  Brad Owen for Lieutenant Governor, Jim McIntire for State Treasurer, Peter Goldmark for Commissioner of Public Lands, Mike Kreidler for Insurance Commissioner.  Kathleen Drew won the endorsement for Secretary of State, and the group voted to defer an endorsement for State Auditor for further vetting.

ICD has previously endorsed Jay Inslee for Governor, Maria Cantwell for U.S. Senate, Bob Ferguson for Washington Attorney General, Tom Riggs for State Representative, Helen Price Johnson and Angie Homola for Island County Commission, Mary Margaret Haugen for the Washington State Senate, Rick Larsen for U.S. Congress and Barack Obama for President.